Dial for Dogs: Tell Richmond V.A. to Stop Dog Experiments!

White Coat Waste Project has exposed that the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Richmond, Virginia is conducting wasteful and cruel taxpayer-funded heart attack experiments on dogs, including some in which pain relief is intentionally withheld.

Call the Richmond VAMC now and politely urge it to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on abusive dog experiments.

Here are some talking points for your call:

  • Richmond VAMC is one of only 3 VA facilities still conducting painful experiments on dogs, including causing heart attacks in 5-month-old puppies
  • Richmond VAMC is the only federal facility conducting “maximum pain” experiments on dogs in which pain and distress are not relieved
  • An Iraq war veteran and Richmond VAMC employee came forward with photos and other information about waste and abuse in these dog labs
  • A “reckless” VA employee was banned from experiments after killing dogs with botched surgeries, but is still allowed to treat veterans
  • In July, Congress unanimously voted to defund V.A.’s painful dog experiments
  • 75% of Americans–including most veterans–oppose VA’s dog experiments
  • It is unacceptable for veterans to receive substandard health care while the VA is wasting taxpayer money on cruel and needless dog experiments.

Please email us at info@whitecoatwaste.org to let us know how your call went.