Daniel López, Research Manager

Daniel López is the Research Manager at White Coat Waste Project (WCW).

With ample international community organizing and campaigning experience, Daniel specializes in investigative research, open records analysis, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to expose wasteful government spending on animal experimentation.

At WCW, Daniel has been at the helm of the most important animal lab investigations in recent memory. He led the FOIA investigation to uncover EcoHealth Alliance’s “Smoking Gun” emails (“This is terrific!… Our Gain of Function research pause has been lifted.”). These critical documents proved Dr. Anthony Fauci’s white coats at NIAID knew about — and allowed — a key Wuhan lab funder’s dangerous animal experiments, now widely suspected of causing the Covid-19 pandemic. Daniel also led WCW’s blockbuster #BeagleGate FOIA investigation that uncovered how Dr. Fauci funded the de-barking of lab beagles, and uncovered the infamous beagle photos and NIAID grants proving Fauci funded sand fly experiments in Tunisia.

Daniel has been involved in animal protection for most of his life, from starting the first animal advocacy collective in his college’s city in Northeastern México to empowering animal shelters, rescues, and individuals to create lifesaving programs and enacting animal-friendly policies

When Daniel is not working, you can find him next to his wife playing with their sons, experimenting in the kitchen, or looking for the next exciting bike ride or hike in the mountains.