Q&A with White Coat Waste Project!

White Coat Waste Investigators Answer Questions from Supporters!

From kittens at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, to #Fauci’s sand flies in Tunisia, to gain-of-function at the #WuhanLab, WCW’s top investigators explain how we expose the wasteful gov spending you weren’t supposed to know about.

Christine McPherson, Development Manager
Wendell Lopez, Research Manager
Justin Goodman, Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Public Policy




The WCW investigations team discusses how we’re exposing & ending worldwide waste.
Yes, even animal labs in CHINA & RUSSIA.  #WhiteCoatWaste



WCW shocked the world when we 1st exposed how YOUR tax dollars were funding animal experiments at the #WuhanLab.
Listen to the guys who pulled it off . #WhiteCoatWaste



With the help of a whistleblower, WCW SHUT DOWN the VA’s wasteful dog experiments & retired survivors.
From “FOIA to freedom,” here’s how we did it. #WhiteCoatWaste